The Suggestions of Max Polyakov on How to Train Dogs for State Contests

The Suggestions of Max Polyakov on How to Train Dogs for State Contests

According to Max Polyakov, the training strategy and being attentive are the most important things when coaching dogs. And before training a dog, one must get clearance from a veterinarian. The diet of the dog, sleeping hours and the training duration should also be put to consideration.

Preparing dogs for sports

a) Advantages of training dogs

1. Building the best relationship

According to the source liga.net, Max Polyakov said that a perfect relationship with animals is established through training. When training, the trainers learn how dogs behave and they can determine the right techniques to use to train them.

Good training makes animals become well-behaved and this leads to a good relationship with the trainer and even other people and other animals.

2. Teaching survival techniques

Animals need to know how to cope in different environments. Training helps dogs know how to deal with the pressure that exists on people’s environment.

b) Things that make coaching successful

1. Visiting a veterinarian before training

Max Polyakov insisted that trainers must never train animals without knowing their health status first. In fact, a veterinarian is in a good position to determine the sports that suit each type of dog. So, if you let your pet engage in a competition that does not suit it, you might be putting it in danger.

2. The actual coaching

Max Polyakov said trainers should plan how the training will take place before they train dogs. They must make sure that the exercise they show the dogs are interesting and they should not train for long hours, 10-15 minutes are enough.

c) Kinds of sports that dogs play

1. Agility

Dogs which are below 18 months are not suited for this sport. The sport has obstacles such as a tunnel, a dog walk, and the weave poles.

2. Flyball

According to Max Polyakov, any dog which loves running after balls is suited for this sport. This sport entails jumping obstacles to catch a ball that is released from a container when someone steps on a pad.

3. Dock Diving

This game is played in water. It entails jumping and the winner is the dog which jumps the highest. According to Max Polyakov, any type of dog may play this sport. However, he added that the large genres like the golden retrievers are the most suited ones.


Max Polyakov ended his animal training advice by stating that, people should not force pets to engage in games that do not suit them.

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