Trainer Max Polyakov on How to Make a Dog Ready to Contest

Trainer Max Polyakov


Max Polyakov says that when dogs get trained, they are able to act in a manner that is predictable no matter the environment they are in. Dogs that know how to behave when other dogs or other animals and people are present; feel more at ease when it comes to competitions.

Training dogs

a) Making the training successful

  1. Health status
  2. Max Polyakov says that training a dog that could be sick will put the dog in danger and such a dog can never do well in any competition. Hence, it is necessary to have a veterinarian check the dog first before beginning the training.

  3. Training should never last more than fifteen minutes
  4. Training for long hours will make the dog tired and bored and this will make it lose interest in getting trained. The duration of training can only be increased after the dog gets used to being trained.

  5. Training method must suit the dog
  6. Max Polyakov recommends coming up with a new training method whenever you find that a dog is responding negatively to how you are training it.

  7. Experienced trainers

Max Polyakov insisted that anyone training a dog must possess the necessary skills to train. An unskilled trained can put a dog at risk since he or she may not know how to handle the dog well.

b) Games that dogs can take part in

  1. Agility
  2. This exercise entails guiding a dog through barriers by using gestures and voice. Dogs are awarded marks depending on the time they take and how accurate they play. The obstacles in this game include a dog walk, seesaw, crossover and a tunnel.

  3. Jumping
  4. Max Polyakov says that there are many ways of making a dog jump but, in all kinds of jumping, the trainer should keep increasing the height and complicate it more. This will make the pet maintain confidence and build strength.

  5. Flyball

This is a racing contest that has barriers. 2 groups of four dogs each participate in this game. The dogs compete through various jumps and the jumping height is determined by the smallest dog in the competition.


Max Polyakov concludes his dog training advice by stating that, it is good to attend various contests with your dog and determine which one it likes. And besides that, let the veterinarian also decide if the sport you intend to train your dog for suits it.

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